Hướng dẫn đăng ký

Chúng tôi đang hoàn thiện bản dịch và cập nhật sớm, xin quý vị đón xem!

I. Registration:


1. For Ananda Marga Acaryas:

(1).From your invitation email, please log in: http://ampsdmsvietnam.net/index.php/register-3/

(2).Fill up the DMS Registration Form, then click 'Send info' to finish your registration.

(3).If you bring any Margiis, an email with 'Acarya Registration Code' is sent to you to help the registration for the Margiis.

To register for Margiis, please follow this procedure:

(1).Provide the 'Acarya Registration Code' to your Margiis to fill in their registration form.

(2).When all the Margiis have submitted their registration, please click the link in the email to enter the registration window.

(3).Click the 'List of Margii' to download the list of those who have registered.

(4).Delete unknown names in the list, if any, then save the file on your computer.

(5).Come back to the Registration window and fill other information.

(6).Upload the saved file 'List of Margiis'.

(7).Click 'Send Info' to complete the registration for your Margiis.

(8).An email will be sent to you to confirm the registration.


2. For Ananda Margiis overseas:

(1).Please log in: http://ampsdmsvietnam.net/index.php/register-4

(2).Ask 'Registration Code' from your Acarya, and fill in your DMS registration form. Your local Acarya will help you to finish your registration.

(3).Send all the costs and registration fee tothe local Acaryas.


II. Weather and conditions:

1.In November in northern provinces of Vietnam, it's early winter with cool and breeze weather.

2.Jade Island is a tourist site with parks, hot spring swimming pool, mud pack and other services

3.Vietnam is very beautiful country with many nice tourist site, cultural and traditional places of interest. Phu Tho, the Province where we gather for DMS this time, is a culture cradle of Vietnam with First King (Hung King) Vietnam has famous World Nature Wonders like Halong Bay and many interesting tourist places like: Hoa Lu (Ninh Binh Province). On the way to the venue we will pass beautiful Da River with mountains and green maize field. Nearby, Ba Vi Mountain is a National Park with natural reserved places for people to enjoy.

4.We will work with some tourist companies to help you explore this country.

Thank you so much and we look forward to serving you all with our heart-felt hospitality. Hope to see you all at the DMS to please our Beloved Guru.